Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch of the Day

Look what Bonnie caught early, early yesterday morning when it was still dark outside:

  Bonnie and Darby both alerted to some rustling in the leaves along the back fence. Darby ran forward but then paused, but not Bonnie! She charged through the rose bushes, caught something and ran back to the middle of the lawn with it in her mouth. She shook her head real hard a couple of times, then dropped a now very dead gopher on the ground.

Normally Bonnie comes immediately when she is called (unlike someone else who shall remain nameless but her name starts with a "D.") But, not this time! She was not leaving her prize until I shook her food bucket and lured her away with an extra ration.

Glenn is going to like having Bonnie to help him in his ongoing battle with gophers!


Play it Again Sam said...

Wow Bonnie,

All I ever caught was a toad. You sure are a good hunter.


Francesca said...

What's that?? It looks rather large! I'm sure we have no gophers in our part of the world!

Boo's Mom said...

Sammy, catching a toad must be icky--that bumpy skin and all!

Francesca, I don't remember seeing gophers in Gaeta. Certainly not in the town itself, but also not out in the country where my friends had a weekend cottage. It was strange for this gopher to be above ground. Typically, they burrow around underground eating roots of plants. The ones in our yard that plague Glenn seem to have a real fondness for rose bush roots. One year they ate the roots of 10 (TEN!) bushes until they were the size and smoothness of my fist! Of course, the bushes died. I've heard that they will travel above ground for quite a distance looking for new places for their burrows. Too bad for this one that Bonnie just happened to be there when he wandered by! Usually, you know you have gophers when you see holes in the ground with little piles of fresh dirt around them.


That corgi :) said...

wow!! I'm impressed! got a great hunter there with Bonnie!