Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maybe she isn't a real corgi

So, Corgis have a reputation for being motivated by food, for living for their next meal, for eating whatever is put in front of them in nearly any quantity, and for preferring food to everything.

I thought that was true of Darby until now.

This evening, I was sitting in the backyard eating cheese and crackers.  Normally, Darby would be sitting close, begging, hoping crumbs might fall so she could scoop them up.  I don't feed her when humans are eating, but that has never stopped her from hovering and hoovering if we're sloppy!

This evening it occurred to me to try an experiment.  I offered her a piece of cheese in one hand and offered her the ball in the other hand, and then immediately threw the ball. 

I would have bet money that she would ignore the ball and go for the cheese.

But, nope!  She ran after the ball--and continued to choose the ball over the cheese several more times!

Turning down food?  And, before she had her evening meal?  Maybe she isn't a real Corgi! 

(Sorry, no photos!  Both hands were involved in the experiment!)


a corgi said...

you are wise not to give her "people" food. Unfortunately got that started with Koda and he does expect something if he sees me eating.

its good Darby prefers playing ball to cheese; it will save you the grief of having to deal with an overweight corgi :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darb. It's me Buddy!
I love the please picture. It is so sweet. You sure are a cutie.
I know next time you'll go for the cheese. Way to go girl, keep your human guessing. That's the way of corgi. Always one paw ahead.