Friday, July 3, 2009

Where's Harry?

This afternoon, when I was looking for Harry I noticed that the quilt on the back of the sofa was messed up.

I knew from experience that Harry had wormed his way up under one layer of the folded quilt and was happily hiding out on the back of the sofa.

If Darby could read, she probably would be asking so is this "Darby's Daily" or "Harry's Daily??

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Anonymous said...

It's me Buddy! Last trip to the vet I weighed 19 pounds. I go for my rabies shot next week too. Wish I had a cat! Are they fun to chase? That's my favorite game and also "catch me if you can!" However, I have learned the hard way not to run from my person unless she's playing. Can you believe I get time outs. You have a beautiful ruff. Mine doesn't seem to be coming in as full as yours. I am envious. You do a lot of stuff before me. I'm still having trouble with the "e" thing.
Oops! My person is starting the laundry. She needs my help. I loved your picture. You are a beautiful Corgi.
Happy 4th of July! Independence, I love it!
Brother Buddy and her person