Wednesday, July 15, 2009


What's a corgi to do when she doesn't have cattle or sheep to herd and the resident cat and humans will not allow themselves to be herded?

Herd toys, I guess!

I like the way Darby arranged these toys.

(I don't like the way that photo looks, but it was the best I could do in the low light of evening.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Darby! It's me Buddy!
You've got some great toys. Everything is right there in reach in case the urge to do the "crazy run" hits you. That's my favorite thing to do.

Brother Buddy

Boo's Mom said...

Ha! I know just what you mean! We call it "the monkey hour" because one of my niece's calls it that! I love opening the patio door and letting Darby continue her crazy run outside! Usually I make her wait for me to go through the door first--but not during the monkey hour!!

Darby's human, melissa