Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coyote Poop

No new photos of Darby today. After work, I was home just long enough to let her out and play with her then I headed for my yoga class. (Down dog has a new meaning for me now!)

Since there was no time for new photos, I dug out some old ones that I haven't used before.

We live on a canyon.

On just the other side of the chainlink fence that separates our backyard from the canyon is a coyote road. You can't see the path in these photos, but you can see it when you walk down the hill and look up.

We saw bobcats in our yard 9-10 years ago after we first moved in, but we've never seen a coyote in the yard. We assume they can't run up hill and jump over the fence. But, we never leave the Darbs alone in the morning or evening just in case.

The coyotes who use the "road" claim it as their territory (I'm assuming that's what they are doing) by pooping on it periodically.

One morning in the time it took me to walk inside and pour another cup of coffee, a coyote walked by and left a nice fresh deposit! Still steaming (sorry you delicate folk) when I walked back out.

Wish I had thought to get my camera!

These photos will just have to do.

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