Thursday, May 28, 2009

Darby doesn't do this

Darby does a lot of things: sits when I ask her to; waits for me to go in/out doors first (most of the time;) comes from just about anywhere when I jangle keys and runs to the front door when I say "Let's go get the mail!"

But, Darby doesn't do this--she doesn't lay around and cuddle with me like Erika's Bonnie did (and still does.) These pictures of Bonnie were taken when she was about 3 months old--just like Darby is. But, there is no way Darby will do that! If she isn't running around, she is chewing! (She has chewed the knob end off three puppy Nylabones, already!) And, if I were rubbing her tummy, Darby wouldn't be looking into the camera--she'd be trying to gnaw on my hand!

I hope her new teeth come in and the chewing stops--or at least slows down a bit!

And, I hope she grows into being a lap dog like Leda says her mom, Flirt, is.

But, I sure do get a kick out of seeing those big feet and ears flopping toward me when I jangle my keys!!

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