Thursday, June 13, 2013


NRNR -- No rhyme nor reason.

As soon as I typed that, I realized there may be no rhyme to these random postings, but there is always reason -- something that caught my eye, tickled my fancy (what a great expression) or touched me in some way.
One of many on the Laurel Street Bridge, Balboa Park
Two of not enough in my garden
Gifts from a poorly placed rose bush that I tried to kill by cutting it back to the root ball.  The will to live is amazing.
Feverfew.  Planted once 10 or more years ago, back on its own every year since.
Still not used.  Darby did gnaw the bandage off on Tuesday evening while we were out, but the toe isn't bleeding anymore and she is leaving it alone.  We're off to the vet today for a re-check.
We rarely have "weather" in very southern, Southern California.
And, when we do have weather, it's nothing like what most of the rest of the country deals with routinely. (These clouds faded away to nothing by mid-morning.)
But, there's no free lunch!  We may not have weather, but check out our home prices!


Jackie Bouchard said...

Beautiful shots! I missed those clouds - we have been socked in with some June gloom the last coupla days - but today there's sun. Hooray!

Taryn said...

You might not have weather but you do get those brush fires which are every bit as bad!