Thursday, February 2, 2012


A friend of mine (you know who you are!) gave me this mug for Christmas.  I like it.  It says "Dog Mom" on one side so there is no mistaking (on Glenn's part) just who owns the mug!
While I was sipping that cup of coffee (and its yummy, steamed, frothed milk) last weekend, I started thinking about the saying:  The perfect child has four legs." 

I have to say that my human child was pretty close to perfect.  I have no complaints about her other than that she always managed to make me feel a little guilty (to this day!) for never giving in to her wish for a pet rat and a rosy boa snake.  But, besides that small detail, the girl was a joy -- cheerful, game for anything, an excellent traveler, a good student, honest, fun to be with, affectionate and polite to older people.  As near to perfect as a child could be. 

Still, the mug got me thinking.  Maybe my four-legged children are a little more perfect than Erika was.  

1.  Their toys are cheaper than hers were:

2.  They are usually pretty happy to run outside to play letting me enjoy my coffee without yelling for me to "Mommy! Come look!" or "Mommy!  Watch me!"*

3.  When they get on my nerves (as even my perfect human child sometimes did) I can lock them behind a gate and walk away to recharge.

4.  My four-legged (grand)children are usually happy to hang out just outside of the area where adults are working with dangerous power tools.  They don't beg to be allowed to help hammer nails, or bore holes, or use the saw, or paint the wall, or use the toilet plunger. *

5.  In the evening, my four-legged children let me relax, knit, watch TV, create blog posts.  They don't want to be read to or sung to sleep.*

6.  And, they get their own drinks. *

So, maybe my four-legged children are just a little more perfect than Erika was, after all!
* Oh!  How I sometimes miss hearing a little voice ask "Mommy, watch me!" "Can I help?" and "Read me a book, please."  "Sing another song!"   However, I do not miss "Can I have one more drink of water?" 


Becky said...


Taryn said...

Wonderful post!

I am afraid #5 would never apply to my Jimmy. He has a witching hour that hits sometime around 8pm every night. He LOUDLY demands that we entertain him! He doesn't shut up until he gets a training session or some indoor fetch or a long walk....sometimes he even needs combos of those to settle down!

scotsmad said...

Do you miss "but everyone else has one...."

At least when you lock them behind the gate no one rings the police....bruhaahaa!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy