Sunday, October 17, 2010

She's here!

The Pumpkin girl is finally here!

She is wandering around the room checking out old bones and toys while Darby chews on a NEW bone in her crate.  Their introduction wasn't quite as smooth as I had hoped--but already this morning Pumpkin's play-bowing has triggered a good response from Darby several times.

I was exhausted from a day of sitting and being slightly nervous (well, probably quite nervous because my natural state is slightly nervous!) and a cold that is trying to attack all of us at work but isn't quite turning into anything.  So, I took my chances that Pumpkin would sleep through the night even without a lot of play time, and I was right.  9:30-4:45.  Not bad!

So, here are the photos!

After flying over some of the prettiest country I've seen from the air, my plane landed at the Branson Airport. 
Leda warned me that it is a small airport, and she wasn't kidding.  It makes the small Glacier Airport at Kalispell, Montana look positively huge!   The waiting area looks like a country street with stores and even a picnic table! 

I wanted to look in the stores, but something much better was waiting for me:
Isn't Leda pretty?  She has the prettiest eyes.  She is Polish, like me.  Oh, yeah.  Pumpkin is kind of cute, too, huh?

Us Polish gals are good looking, huh?  I wish I had got some of Leda's height, though!

So. after a few minutes of in-person chatting with this woman I have talked with via email for two years, it was time to get back on the plane.  The same one I got off of! 

We breezed through Security--sort of.  The TSA folks had to test the canned and dry dog food Leda so thoughtfully included in the Sherpa bag I carried Pumpkin in.  I told them I would eat it if they wanted me to.  I'm glad they said that wasn't necessary!

Here's Pumpkin in the Sherpa bag resting on the picnic table in the waiting area.  I told you there was a picnic table!  (Don't worry--I only set her there for a second while I snapped the photo and I was close enough to catch her if she moved.)

Then we were on the plane, and she was safely tucked under the seat in front of me.

After an uneventful, quick flight to Denver, we had a two hour layover so I headed for the ladies room to let Pumpkin out and give her a chance to pee if she needed to.  Leda thoughtfully provided Pee-Pee pads for that purpose.  She didn't pee but she did meet a lot of people there on the floor of the ladies room!  I hope this little boy's mom remembers to look for "Darby's Daily" so she and he can see this photo!
I decided I didn't want to spend two hours on the floor of the ladies room and went looking for a gate that didn't have a flight scheduled right away. 

Pumpkin and I played on the floor in a corner, still attracting a lot of attention! 

One woman worked for the airport and when she headed our way,  I was sure she was coming to tell me "put that dog back in the carrier."  But no!  She wanted to know if I thought the airport should provide pee-pee pads for people whose connections were too close to allow them to go to the other terminal where they have a dog park.  (Dog park?  Who knew? Obviously, not me! I should have thought to check online!)

We spent the rest of the two hours getting to know each other, meeting people who have always wanted a Corgi (including one nice young couple on their way to a "romantic get-a-way" to Las Vegas as the sweet man shyly told me!  I gave them Leda's/Coedwig's information.  They live in Kansas and may be calling you some day, Leda!  They already have plans to manage the shedding!  (They've done their research!)

Then, it was time to board the plane for home. 

Pumpkin was quiet the whole time and then we were on the ground in San Diego.  As we were getting off the plan the man sitting next to me heard me talking to her and said he had no idea she was there!

I think Glenn fell in love with her in the car!

Darby wasn't so sure.  Lots of scared barking.  But, after just a few hours now, I can see a gradual softening taking place. When it is light outside and their barking won't wake the neighbors, I'm going to have them play outside--I think the open area and the chance to run will be a good way for them to get to know each other.

I already love this Pumpkin-girl of mine!  She is active, but she seems to love to be snuggled, and have me whisper in her ears.  Darby likes that, too, and I've managed to get them to come close enough to me that I can alternate numming each of them! 

Well, time to wrap this up.

While I have been typing, Pumpkin has corralled 5 bones and placed them in a dog bed that she has her head resting on.  You're right, Leda!  This girl loves her bones!

Hooray!  She is finally here!  Now the fun begins! 


Taryn said...

WooHoo! I am so glad it all went well! Congrats on your new Cardi-girl.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure and now the fun begins! Congratulations to all of you! We know you will train her well, Darby!

George the Lad said...

Thanks for the update, shes lovely
Have fun
See Yea George xxx

Francesca said...

I always wondered how people travel with pets. She's a cute dog, have fun!

Heidi Malott said...

Congratulations! Oh, she is adorable! Those ears are too much. It is a good thing she likes to snuggle, who couldn't nuzzle up to this sweetie. I didn't know the airlines could be so accomidating to pets/kids.