Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here it is December again.

And, with Christmas just around the corner we'll soon be hearing all the talk about whether or not it is OK for salespeople to wish customers a "Merry Christmas." News stories will reveal which stores allow the Salvation Army to station their kettles outside the store and which stores stick to a no-solicitation policy in a (failed) effort to not offend anyone. We'll see signs and hear messages about keeping Christ in Christmas and hear from people who want to keep Christmas out of schools and public places.

It's enough to take the joy out of the holiday season!

I'd like to go on record as someone who would not be offended if someone wished me a Happy Hanuka, or Happy Kwanza but definitely wants Christ kept in Christmas, too.  I'm also very glad that Darby kept the baby Jesus in his manager when we checked out this lovely lighted nativity scene yesterday evening! (I was a little worried for a minute there when she started nuzzling around Him--she left Him alone, but did eat a little of the hay from the manager!)

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That corgi :) said...

how cute! I got a mental image of the animals looking at Baby Jesus in his manager when he was born when I saw Darby's picture

I agree with you; I think we have gotten to be so politically correct about this and that, with what we say or don't say, for fear of offending people; it makes no sense. I think people can be gracious for a season of time and if it offends them, perhaps they should try to keep those feelings to themselves and try to live in peace; oh what a perfect world that would be :)