Friday, March 12, 2010

Mother and Child Reunion

A Mother and Child Reunion will be taking place this Sunday afternoon at our house!

Wendy and Mike will be bringing Bryn (Darby's mama) and Dinah out for a visit!

(I wish I could say I so cleverly thought of that title--Mother and Child Reunion--but I shamelessly stole it from Mike who said in an email that the Paul Simon song had been running through his head all day!)

We still can't believe that we actually met.  Mike said:  "Wendy and I still marvel at yesterday's meeting, the more so when I think about all that had to fall into place for it to occur."

I agree! It is amazing!  I didn't write about this in my already-very-long post yesterday, but I probably would never have met Wendy and Mike if my dentist's receptionist hadn't made a mistake.

It's another long story:

Once a month, I meet a friend for breakfast before we both go to work.  We were supposed to meet on Thursday,  March 4th, but I had been out of the office on March 1st and 2nd and had a morning dentist appointment on the 3rd, so I asked my friend if we could reschedule our breakfast to Thursday the 11th--I didn't want to come in to work late on two of the only three days I worked that week!  (I have a very flexible schedule and a very understanding boss, but still...) 

So, I showed up for my dentist appointment, but it turns out the appointment is for March 30th, not March 3rd!  The receptionist failed to write a "0" after the "3" on my appointment card!  It was too late/too complicated to change breakfast dates with my friend who is the very busy working mom of 3 year-old twins, so I left things as they had been re-arranged and we met for breakfast yesterday. 

(I told you this was a long story!)

I'm usually out of the office and on my way home by 4:00 but on mornings when I have breakfast with my friend, I come in later, so I stay later in the afternoon.  Yesterday,  I met Wendy and Mike at 4:15 -- long after I would have been gone if my dentist's receptionist hadn't written the wrong date on my appointment card!

Isn't it amazing to think of how one little thing like a missing "0" can make such a difference?  Such a happy difference!

Here's what the Darbs looked like about the time her mama last saw her:
Here's what she looks like now:

I wonder if mother and child will recognize each other at their reunion?


That corgi :) said...

now that I am curious about if Darby and mom will have that connection and just "know" when they see each other. I look forward to hearing about their reunion. Because of my faith, the circumstances about how you came to meet Darby's mom's folks doesn't surprise me, its one of those "wow" moments for me when I realize how God puts it all together :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby, It's me Buddy!
What a great story! My person is a storyteller and puppeteer and I don't think she could even imagine a story like this.
Eagerly awaiting pictures of Mom and you. I have no doubt you will know each other.
Give her lots of sloppy kisses from me.

Brother Buddy