Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't ask me why

This morning (around 4:30 am, thank-you-very-much, Pumpkin!) after I brushed the girls, I started rolling the hair that I brushed off them around in my hands.  The warmth from my hands made the soft under-coat hair start to felt.  Don't ask me why, but I decided to see if Corgi hair would felt as well as sheep's hair, I mean wool, so I took the ball to the bathroom sink, wet it generously with hand soap and water and spent a few early morning, meditative minutes rolling the ball around in my hands.  Very quickly it became very solid and smooth and -- with the exception of a few of the long, top-coat hairs sticking out -- very similar in look and feel to the wool felt balls I made with my niece and her two children.  (I made a necklace out of the wool felt balls.  It is also fun to roll a felt ball around a bell and give the resulting toy to a kitty to play with.) 

Don't ask me why, but when I came home this afternoon, I decided to photograph the corgi-felt ball in various places in the house.  Don't ask me why, but I'm going to share my favorite of these photos with you now:

The ball appears life-sized in this photo. 

Like I said, don't ask me why!  And, whatever you do, don't tell Glenn, OK?  He already thinks I'm weird beyond words and he has never gotten over the fact that I posted that photo of the corgi-sized hairball posed on our kitchen table.  (YES!  I sanitized the table afterward!)


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

That's interesting. We reckon we could knit another scottie out of the hair we get out of us!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Sammy said...


Did you know that you can use the hair of some breeds (maybe even Corgis)like wool. My PA has a friend up north that used to spin her Golden Retriever's hair and knit it into scarves and mittens. Note of caution--she found out you had to mix it with wool or it was too hot to wear.

Maybe a Darby/Pumpkin sweater?


Anonymous said...

I love the way your mind works. I like the Darby/Pumpkin sweater too!

Taryn said...

The only problem with a Darby/Pumpkin sweater is what happens when you get caught in the rain? You end up smelling like a wet dog :-) At least in the San Diego area, it wouldn't happen too often!

Life With Corgis said...

I LOVE this! I always say all the hair that falls out of my two boys would make a whole 'nother Corgi, never thought about a sweater ; )

Elizabeth Keene said...

Love your blog, and I think this is my favorite post. :) I don't know anything about spinning or felting, but the little ball looked so darn cute that I got a brushfull of each of my boys undercoats and rolled two lovely little fuzz balls of my own. My kids think it's pretty cool, too. We're thinking of using them as cat toys (seriously).

Elizabeth Keene said...

Melissa, just wanted to let you know that I mentioned this post in my blog today. :)